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At Althorpe and Keadby Primary School, we understand that Computing is an integral part of preparing children to live in a world where technology is continuously and rapidly evolving, so much so that children are being prepared to work with technology that doesn’t even exist yet. For this reason, we know that it is crucial that children are able to participate in the creation of these new tools to fully grasp the relevance of, and the possibilities of, emerging technologies. 

It is important to us that children become both users and creators of technology, using it responsibly and safely to support their learning and research in other areas of the curriculum. It is with the breadth of experience provided within our Computing curriculum that enables pupils to develop their sense of responsibility as a member of our school community, our wider global community and as a digital citizen.


Our Computing curriculum enables our pupils to explore the natural links between Maths, Science and Design and Technology, whilst nurturing the skills of resilience, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking: learning behaviours which we, at Althorpe and Keadby, hold in high regard.

Computing Policy

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Computing Long Term Planning Documents

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Online Safety

 At Althorpe and Keadby, we understand that part of upskilling our children to be experts in the technological world is to give them the tools to access this world safely. 

Please see below to where we have linked our computing and PHSE curriculum and to view our online safety policy 

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Click on the images below to play some of the games designed by our KS2 pupils on scratch