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Our Curriculum Design

‘Never say no to adventures, always say yes otherwise you will lead very dull lives.’


This quote, a favourite of Queen Camilla, was brought back to school by former pupil Lucy Bush after attending the BBC 500 words final at Hampton Court Palace, and it has stuck with our whole school community ever since. 

We are passionate that children in our school have the opportunity to explore and ‘find their thing’ and we are all too aware of the detrimental impact a narrow curriculum can have on a child.

For this reason we are passionate about a broad, rich and balanced curriculum in every regard.

We do our utmost to ensure that we ignite in all our pupils a sense of adventure and curiosity for the world. This is done through as many first-hand opportunities inside and outside of the school, and the school day. 

The reason for this is, it is hard for a number of our families to travel beyond their community and fully access the wealth of opportunities and experiences available across our local area and country. 

Such experiences give our pupils the knowledge on which to build and learn even more and ensures that they begin to think about what their futures may look like; developing aspirations and enabling them to ‘find their thing’ is crucial and key.

Improving the children’s knowledge and curiosity is having an impact on their writing, oracy and reading ability as they know more; they want to know even more and want to read, write and talk about it!


Click below to see how this quote and everything else we hold dear, forms the backbone of our entire curriculum. 

Althorpe and Keadby Curriculum Rationale

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'Every Child Matters' is a past Government agenda but one that has stuck with us. We whole-heartedly believe in providing the 5 core principles for each of our children and so this continues to form a critical spine of our curriculum. 


In everything we do we strive to ensure our children and our families have the best possible opportunities to; 


  • Be Healthy 
  • Stay Safe 
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution  
  • Achieve Economic Well-being 


See below for our termly updates on how we are meeting these aspirations for our children. 

Every Child Matters Spring Term

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Every Child Matters Summer Term

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