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Religious Education

At Althorpe and Keadby Primary School we encourage everyone to be the best that they can be and do this by working together in a place of respect, excellence and friendship. 

Our RE curriculum follows the Lincolnshire agreed syllabus and uses a disciplinary approach to teaching.  Throughout their time at our school children will learn about different religious beliefs and worldviews through the lenses of theology, human/social sciences and philosophy.  Children will learn what people believe, how these beliefs impact the way in which people live their lives and the thinking behind this.  Whilst learning, children will be encouraged to keep in mind the narrative or story of the particular religious belief or worldview they are studying.


As children grow and progress through our school they will be encouraged to explore their own personal position within the world and interrogate it by asking the challenging questions, giving reasons for their thinking.  They will learn that every person within the world has a particular set of beliefs or way of living but that not everyone in the world would identify themselves as religious.  Children will be encouraged to develop their own personal worldview and learn to respect the views of others.  They will understand that even within a particular religious faith there are differences and diversity, just as there are within the wider world.     


RE Policy

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The Aims of RE at Althorpe and Keadby Primary School are for pupils to:

RE long term plan

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We strive to ensure our children become religiously literate.   Our children will develop their ability to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religious beliefs and worldviews which will in turn allow them to encounter difference with confidence and curiosity.  Skills that will serve them well throughout their life.     


  • At Althorpe and Keadby, we recognise the variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds from which our pupils come.  
  • We welcome the diversity and we intend to be sensitive to the home backgrounds of each child.  
  • We are glad to have the active support of religious and non-religious members of our local community to support the teaching of RE. 
  • We recognise the inter-relationship between pupils' spiritual, moral, social annd cultural development, and the leading role which the RE curriculum plays in some of these areas.